Slate Roofing & Tiling


When it comes to slate roofing, the team at Young & Co. are well experienced in providing tailored solutions to your roofing needs. Our modern and holistic approach to providing a safe and durable roof is the reason why we have become leaders in the roofing industry in Manchester.

A Roof is more exposed to the effects of rain, snow, solar radiation and atmospheric pollution, than any other part of a building. Traditional pitched roof coverings such as tiles and slates are serviceable for many years whilst some flat roof coverings have a shorter life.

Pitched roofing has a high rate of runoff, provided that the detailing of laps and jointing is adequate, the materials on pitched roofs can have a long life.

Slates and tiles provide a semi-permeable barrier to rain, snow and wind and used in conjunction with an internal layer of impervious felt or sheet material are completely weather-proof.

Young & Co., carry out Slating and Tiling services on any sized project in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, providing quality workmanship and expertise in every roofing installation.

Slating & Tiling services offered by Young & Co.,:

  • Traditional Slate Re-Roofing.
  • Artificial Slate Re-Roofing.
  • Clay/Concrete Plain Tiling Re-Roofing.
  • Concrete Interlocking Tiling.
  • Incorporation of New Ventilation Systems.
  • Modern Lightweight Tile Form Roofing Systems.
  • Flat To Pitched Roof Conversion (see roof conversion)
  • Repairs & Replacing Broken Slate & Tiles.
  • Leadwork.
  • Reducing Chimney Stack to a Safe Level.
  • Rebuilding the Chimney Stack.
  • Replace Chimney Pot, Cowl & Flaunching.
  • Redressing Lead Flashings.
  • Point New Step and up stand Flashings.

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